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Vesela Tanaskovic

Wallrißstraße 68/33, 1180 Vienna

Phone:  +43(0)699 10 880 345




Research Architect

Personal Information

Date of Birth                    4 January 1985

Place of Birth                    Nis, Serbia

Nationality                        Serbian

Driving licence: B

Marital Status                    Single



An energetic, talented, self-motivated young scientist driven by her vision of a green Sahara, eager to help the people mitigate the effects of climate change and with a strong desire to build a career by implementing the knowledge gained during her PhD studies. Hugely efficient and methodical with highly developed scientific research and writing skills.

Vesela is at present looking for suitable partners to join her on her quest of greening the world’s deserts. They should be active in at least one of the fields of sustainable businesses, social entrepreneurship, preserving the environment and helping to mitigate climate change.

Excellent social skills; Experianced working in international teams; Fluent in English


Professional Experience

Founder and CEO-CSO of Afforest4Future ( 03/2016)

Making the worlds deserts green again, safely and sustainably by using our unique patent pending transportation system for making agroforestry fields in the desert sand; for ours and our children’s future.

External Expert ( 05/2015)

European Commission; Research Executive Agency; REA/C/04 (1049 Brussels, Belgium)

Evaluator of H2020 projects proposals

Topics: Water; Waste water; Water Management

Research Architect (07/2012 –present)

Gramont Inzenjering (Vojvede Misica 7, 18000 Nis, Serbia)

Afforestation of Sahara Desert

Sustainable use of Water

Sustainable Irrigation

Water Management

Remodeling of Wastewater Facility

Supply Management

Project Design in 3D MAX, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD etc.

Architect (01/2011 –03/2012)

Gramont Inzenjering (Vojvede Misica 7, 18000 Nis, Serbia)

Supervision of Construction Sites

Project Management

Remodeling of Wastewater Facility

Supply Management

Project Design in 3D MAX, Auto Cad, Archi Cad etc.

Assistant Architect (01/2009 –12/2010)

Building Projekt (Dusanov Bazar bb, 18000 Nis, Serbia)

Construction Site Observation

Assistant Project Management

3D Modeling in 3D MAX

Computer 2D drawing in AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and Rhino

Final Preparation in Photoshop

Architectural Intern (06/2009 –09/2009)

Garage Group Architects (Ucitelj Milina 25a, 18000 Nis, Serbia)


Freehand Sketching

Precise drawing on computer using AutoCAD and ArchiCAD

Making scale models

Project Design in 3D MAX

Making final preparations in Photoshop and CorelDraw

Architectural Intern (06/2008 –09/2008)

Gramont Inzenjering (Vojvede Misica 7, 18000 Nis, Serbia)

Participated in supervision of Construction Sites

Observing Supply Management in MS Office

Computer drawings

Taking part in effluent treatment facility project

Making Computer Presentations in PowerPoint


Technical University of Vienna (03/2012 – Present)

Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning

Institute for Transportation System Planning

Ph.D Candidate

Title of Doctorate Research: Making the Sahara Desert Green:

Sustainable Transport design to produce new Agricultural Land from Desert

University of Nis (12/2010)

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture,

Department of Architecture

Dipl. Eng. Architecture

Diploma Work: Zero CO2 Hollywood Mansion

Final grade: 10 (out of 10, with 6 being a passing mark)


Other Skills/Language Proficiency

Computer Skills:

MS Office: Excellent;   AutoCAD: Excellent;   ArchiCAD: Excellent;   Autodesk Revit: Excellent;   SketchUP: Excellent;   3D MAX: Excellent;   Rhino: Very good;   Maya: Very good;  Photoshop: Excellent;   CorelDraw: Excellent;   Adobe Acrobat X Pro: Excellent; Internet Research Skills: Excellent WordPress: you are looking at it 🙂

Language Skills:

Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian-Montenegrian: Mother tongue;    English: Excellent (academic IELTS);    Macedonian: Very Good;   Bulgarian: Very Good;   Russian: Good;

German: Good(A2);    French: Good;    Italian: Good(A2);    Spanish: Good

Other Studies/Awards

  • Talk at the NASA Space Apps Vienna Space (2017)
  • Keynote speech at the opening of ClimateLaunchpad 2017 – Clean tech against Climate Change (2017)
  • Presented my PhD research at 5th international Eurosoil Congress in Istanbul (2016)
  • Afforest4future and me as its CSO won the Austrian ClimateLaunchpad , the world’s largest clean tech business idea competition 😀
  • MyBizz coure on “Training für unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln”
  • Holder of scholarship dedicated to PhD students from the Technical University of Vienna to present her research at 5th international Eurosoil Congress in Istanbul (2016)
  • Participant at Vienna Workshop on Sustainable Development – MODUL University Vienna (2015)
  • Vienna young Science Symposium 2015; presenting my research on “Making the Sahara Desert Green (Sustainable transport design for producing new agricultural land from desert)”, presentation and poster
  • Founder of the ExYU Brainiacs group on LinkedIn, which gathers together brilliant minds from the ex-Yugoslavian countries whom have emigrated, are now central members of their respective academic communities, and whom are willing to engage in research and non-governmental work for the benefit of the Balkans as a whole.
  • Zertifikat (certificate) “Presenting your research- Making efficient presentations in English” , awarded by norrisandsteiner in cooperation with TU Wien and Genderfair ( 2014)
  • RCE Vienna/INEX/OeAD scholarship holder and participant in international summer university Green.Building.Solutions. (2013)
  • Full scholarship from Gramont Inzenjering (2012)
  • HOLCIMAWARDS 2011 Certificate for “Conceptual design for zero CO2 Hollywood mansion” California, United States (2011)
  • Notable mention at project competition organized by the municipality of Mediana, Nis (2010)
  • Best Design Award for Interior Design, Society of Architects Nis and Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture Nis (2009)
  •  Participation in student competition for conceptual design of ‘Knauf’ stand at Belgrade Fair of Civil Engineering and Architecture (2008)
  • Alumnus of international meeting for architecture students from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and FYR Macedonia (2008)
  • Active volunteer involved in environmental protection, Greenpeace and anti-GMO movement
  • Member of society for animal protection

References on request

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