Portfolio Vesela Tanaskovic

In the architectural works below you can see a selection of my work. All the designed works in this portfolio were envisioned and designed by me, Vesela Tanaskovic, as the lead architect. In the second section you can find visualizations, which were designed by someone else and then handed on to me for further finishing, to finalize them in AutoCAD/3D Studio Max/Photoshop or another program, and do not represent my architectural designing capabilities but rather my ability in these programs. In the final part of the portfolio you can see some of my hand drawings.

This video was made to accompany my Master thesis on “Zero CO2 Hollywood Mansion” and to preset better the dynamic facade, as it was envisioned as a robotic facade able to be remotely controlled/programmed to suit the needs and wishes of the owner 🙂


All the works found on these pages are Copyright © and Intellectual property (IP)  which solely belongs to Vesela Tanaskovic and are undividedly part of my portfolio, and cannot be distributed or used without my permission in any form, except to look at and decide to hire me.