The quest of making the Sahara desert green

Going after my dream "Making the Sahara desert green" was a decision I made recently. I did write my thesis on this topic, and I do live and breath Sahara and desert greening 24-7 but just recently did I realize that unless I take some action on my dream its going to end up gathering dust at TU library as many other brilliant works before mine.  

A great part and contribution or better say inspiration to take this next step I found from Prof Hofreiter, at the famous Foundrs&Investors talk series organised by Thanks for doing this!

This was when I decided to form Afforest4Future initiative and put all my efforts into realizing my dream. I was lucky enough to have great support from my family and friends, and soon enough the whole thing got rollign 😀

I was interviewed by a local news in my home town of Nis, Serbia. And it is interesting how open people are when it comes to any new but good or improving change, if you speak Serbian please do read here

In March I gave a nice lecture to the members of Nis Rotary Club, mostly on the topic of Global Warming and needed mitigation actions within the city of Nis. What is that which each of us can do as individuals and as members of community to help prosper our city, and to increase the chances of safe future for our children, a short description can be found at the Rotary Club website

And than in June I found our that Afforest4Future has entered the Ausrian national finals of ClimateLaunchpad, worlds largest clean tech business idea competition! We were so happy! 

The bootcamp for this finals started on 19th of June 🙂 and this was when my team and I met the great and just amazingly awesome SIC! team and all the brilliant coaches they picked for us to guide us to the finals. The great encouragement we got from them is what led us through this intensive but extremely rewarding experience of ClimateLaunchpad bootcamp :))) One of our coaches the great Joe is from 288grad, a super awesome environmental consultancy agency, and his input&feedback was so intuitive for all the teams and o helpful always. 

Then after nearly four weeks of working on our ideas we were ready for the grand finally, the Austrian National finals of ClimateLaunchpad, on 7th of July 2016. 

This was the first time Afforest4future – a startup of the TUW PhD student Vesela Tanaskovic,  aka me :))) - won the Austrian national finals on EIT ClimateLaunchpad – the world’s largest clean tech business idea competition. Two other teams to join us on our next challenge, the European finals, are Plarene with Alon&Vali as front men/women and Innoroomz with Martin :))) Super excited to be going there!

Now off the my next challenge Eurosoil Istanbul  to present my PhD research! Turkey here I come :)))

So much has happened since Istanbul, hope you are following the regular updates on twitter !I'e been living at NASA Ames for the past couple of months, attending Global Solutions Program of the Singularity University , it has been an amazing experience and I promise to write more about it. Now taking part at SU ventures incubator, all super exciting stuff with my US startup Oasify

Looking forward to new adventures!